JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript Libraries


This course targets professional web developers who are familiar with JavaScript and HTML and are looking for ways to improve their productivity with JavaScript libraries.


Delegates on this course need to have a good understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Attending our JavaScript Developers Programme and HTML5 and CSS3 Web Development courses will provide the ideal background.


4 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Today, web developers can't imagine building a modern website without JavaScript. JavaScript libraries pop up like mushrooms after a rainy day. This course brings you up to date with the latest libraries worth knowing.

Key objectives include:

  • Discuss the pros and cons of using JavaScript libraries.
  • Look at specific libraries, such as RequireJS, Q, Less, Bootstrap and QUnit.
  • Discover how to transform a web site into a mobile app with PhoneGap.

Course Content

Introducing JavaScript Libraries
Refresh JavaScript.
Pros and Cons JavaScript libraries.
Maintaining JavaScript libraries in your web projects.

Introducing Node.js
Why Node.js?
Event-driven and non-blocking execution environment.
Understanding and using asynchronous control flows.
Importing and exporting CommonJS Modules.
Installing external modules with the Node Package Manager (NPM).
Creating a basic http server.

Asynchronous Module Loading with RequireJS
Introduction to RequireJS.
Asynchronous Module Definition.
Using RequireJS.
Define RequireJS modules.

Asynchronous Coding Made Easy with Q
Propagation and Chaining.
Deferred Object.
Error Handling.

Write Easier and More Maintainable CSS with LESS
LESS, the dynamic stylesheet language.
Variables, Mixins, Nesting, functions, etc.
Client-side usage.
Server-side usage.

Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap
Normalizing and resetting.
The Default Grid System.
The Fluid Grid System.
Supported devices.
Utility classes.

Bootstrap Components
Base Bootstrap CSS.
Customizing look and feel.
Components: navigation, popovers, etc.
Javascript Plugins.

Introduction to AngularJS
Getting started.
Binding to single values.
Binding to collections.
Value Conversion.
Utility Functions.

Unit Testing with QUnit
Challenges for testing.
QUnit introduction.
Features: Asserts, Async, Modules, Callbacks.
Making things testable.

Strongly Typed JavaScript with TypeScript
Writing application scale JavaScript.
Type safe JavaScript development with TypeScipt.
Implementing Types, Classes and Inheritance.
Programs and Modules.
Internal and external Modules.

PhoneGap Architecture.
Building Apps.
PhoneGap Project.
Command Line Interface.

NB The libraries covered in this class may be subject to change without notice to reflect the ever changing JavaScript libaries that are available and popular.

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