JavaScript Developers Programme

JavaScript Developers Programme


Developers who wish to write dynamic, interactive applications in Javascript whilst providing a thorough understanding of the jQuery library.


Knowledge of HTML coding and an appreciation of CSS is essential.

Previous experience of programming, especially object-oriented or 'visual' programming, would be useful but is not essential.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Today, JavaScript is used on most of the pages of a modern website, from small individual sites to the largest commercial sites. And wherever JavaScript is used, you'll also find jQuery. That's because jQuery is a JavaScript library that makes it easier to develop JavaScript applications. That's why every web developer should know how to use both JavaScript and jQuery. And now, this one course covers all of the JavaScript and jQuery skills that every web developer should have.

The course presents the essential JavaScript skills. It goes on to explain essential topics like how to use arrays, web storage, and JavaScript libraries (including jQuery), how to create object-oriented JavaScript applications... how to handle exceptions...and how to use regular expressions.

Advanced skills are also covered, like how to work with events, images, and timers as students build applications like image rollovers and slide to use closures, callbacks, namespaces, and the module pattern to make applications bulletproof...and how to use JSON to transmit and store data.

Course Content

JavaScript Essentials
Introduction to web development
Getting started with JavaScript
The essential JavaScript statements
How to work with JavaScript objects, functions, and events
How to test and debug a JavaScript application
How to script the DOM with JavaScript
How to work with links, images, and timers

jQuery Essentials
Get off to a fast start with jQuery
How to use effects and animations
How to work with forms and data validation
How to use jQuery plugins and jQuery UI widgets
How to use Ajax and JSON

Advanced JavaScript Skills
How to work with numbers, strings, and dates
How to work with control structures, exceptions, and regular expressions
How to use browser objects, cookies, and web storage
How to use arrays
How to create and use your own objects
How to create and use closures, IIFEs, the module pattern, and plugins

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