PC Support & Troubleshooting (Linux)

PC Support & Troubleshooting (Linux)


This introductory course is designed for all IT staff and computer users who wish to gain an understanding of how a PC is constructed, together with some Linux command line techniques and support/troubleshooting strategies.

NOTE: This class is also run using the Windows operating system; PC Support & Troubleshooting (Windows).


There are no prerequisites for this course.


2 days. Hands on.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

Delegates will gain an understanding of the hardware, configuration and design concepts related to the IBM PC and compatible computers. They will also learn some practical command line and Linux techniques and become acquainted with operating system installation.

The course is an ideal starting point for delegates who will eventually become PC Support, Help Desk or Network Technicians as well as Programmers developing applications on a PC. It is an ideal preparatory course for our LANs and Internetworking class or for software support classes.

Course Content

Getting Started
Evolution of the Personal Computer
PC Orientation
The system unit
Connecting the peripherals

PC Internals
Component recognition
CPU Evolution
Memory types
Input Devices:
• The keyboard
• The mouse
USB Devices
Other input devices

Storage Devices
An overview of storage devices
Hard disk drive
CD, DVD, USB Flash Drives and tape streamers

Output Devices
ADSL modems
Sound cards
Assembly and Troubleshooting the PC
Assembling the components
System testing
Interrupts & IRQ’s

The Operating System
File Management concepts
Installing the Linux Operating system

The Command Line Survival Guide
Using the command line prompt

The Linux Survival Guide
The Gnome Desktop
File Managers
Organising the Desktop

Networking PCs


Question & Answer Session

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