Captivate 9 Advanced

Captivate 9 Advanced


This course is for those who want to boost their e-learning content by taking their Adobe Captivate skills to the next level.


You should consider attending Captivate 9 Introduction before taking this course.


2 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Boost your e-learning content by taking your Adobe Captivate skills to the next level. Gain powerful tips, tricks and shortcuts from e-learning experts.

Delivered by an Adobe Authorised training provider.

What will I learn?

  • Build on your Captivate knowledge
  • Improved learner engagement
  • Advanced audio and video
  • Better workflow solutions
  • E-learning best practice
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free helpdesk support for 28 days

Course Content

Day One

Working with the Interface
• Modifying the Captivate Workspace
• Saving and resetting your Workspace

Using Captivate's Themes and Workflows
• Overview of Themes and their functionality
• Saving and sharing Themes
• Setting up a Template and Custom Themes
• Working with the Object Style Manager

• Adding slide notes and using text to voice
• Changing slide properties
• Adding permanent and placeholder objects to Master Slides

Mastering Objects in Captivate
• Editing object information using the
• Advanced Interaction panel
• Editing object order in the timeline
• Hiding and showing objects

Non-interactive Objects
• Complex Interactions with Advanced Actions
• Working with Smart Shapes
• Working with object states

Interactive Objects
• Mastering text entry boxes
• Creating branched presentations with button actions
• In-depth button actions
• Adding multiple actions using one button
• Adding Rollover Slidelets
• Adding and editing useful advanced Interactions
• Mastering the Drag-and-Drop Interaction Wizard

Questions and Answers

Day Two

Advanced Audio and Video Use in Captivate
• Preparing your video files for Captivate
• Successfully editing slide synchronised video

Recording Projects
• Setting recording preferences
• Using the Manual recording type
• Recording a software simulation using manual controls
• Mastering Text Entry boxes

Working with Video Demo Mode
• Choosing the right settings for your Video Demo
• Editing your Video Demo using the Split, Pan & Zoom and Trim tools
• Publishing your Demo for web and YouTube

Advanced Quiz Functionality
• Adding Pretest questions to your quiz
• Editing Pretest Actions to branch your project
• Working with Question Pools to create randomised quizzes
• Tracking user interactions

Publishing Projects
• Previewing your project accurately
• Editing your Publish Settings
• Editing the Advanced Options for SWF/HTML5 output
• Exporting SCORM compliant HTML5 documents
• Troubleshooting common problems

Questions and Answers

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