After Effects Intermediate

After Effects Intermediate


This course is for those who want to take their existing motion graphics and animation skills to the next level.


You should consider attending After Effects Introduction before taking this course.


2 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Take your existing motion graphics and animation skills to the next level. Learn in-depth features of this extremely powerful video editing software.

Delivered by an Adobe Authorised training provider.

What will I learn?

  • Deeper understanding of After Effects
  • Create animations with expressions
  • In-depth knowledge of keyframes
  • Understand layers and compositions
  • Link to Premiere and Cinema 4D
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free helpdesk support for 28 days

Course Content

Day One

Project Settings in Detail
• Better workflow practices - structure
• Workflow for replacing and organising your assets
• Using Collect files for "Packaging"

The Info Palette
• Checking footage integrity
• Checking the Alpha Channel
• How Alpha Channels really work
• Avoiding basic Alpha mistakes
• Bit depth and colour spaces - 8,16 and 32 Bits per channel

Exploring Effects in Detail
• Using masks with effects - "compositing options"
• Better colour correction
• Combining effects with layers modes
• Better effect combination with effect transfer modes
• Some key under used effects
• Distortions and Warps
• Basic particle systems

Keyframes in Detail
• Keyframe Interpolation
• Spatial and Temporal Interpolation
• Controlling bezier path behaviour

The Graph Editor
• Two graphs in one - the Value and Velocity curves
• Controlling Speed with the graph editor
• Adjusting temporal Interpolation types for better control

Masks in Detail
• Tips for better mask control
• Creating a basic Rotoscope
• Rotoscoping - good and bad examples
• Refining edges
• Avoiding Rotoscoping where possible
• Mask Tracking
• Using Chroma keying to remove backgrounds

Text Layers in Detail
• Source text - a hidden gem
• Creating counters - source text with an expression
• Text animators in detail - advanced settings

Motion Tracking
• Following an object in a shot - basic position tracking
• How the tracker works
• Track settings for better results
• Tracker options

Day Two

Basic Expressions
• Wiggling and looping - getting better control
• Loop types
• Duplicating Wiggles - why and how
• Random "Seeds" - how they work and why it matters
• Linking properties with the "Pickwhip"
• Using Expression controls
• Using Expressions to create animations easily
• Creating automatic audio based animation

Shape Layers in Detail
• Adding more complex parameters to shape layers
• Converting Vector files to shape layers for better control
• Using Repeaters for shape generation and animation

Time Changes
• Time remapping
• Using correct Frame Blending settings

Render Settings in Detail
• Alpha output - avoiding problems with pre-multiplication
• File formats with greater bit depth
• Better use of Media encoder
• Compression settings - bit rates and how compressed files work

3D Layers in Detail
• Camera settings
• Depth of field
• 3D rendered choices
• Geometry options for extrusion
• Material options and reflections
• Lights Settings in detail
• Shadow problems solved
• Animated Camera problems and solutions
• Creating a Camera "Orbit Null"
• Creating complex camera animation easily
• The Collapse transformation button in 3D

Using After Effects with Adobe Premiere
• Dynamic link options
• Examples of typical workflows

The Link to Cinema 4D
• Cinema 4D Lite - how to access it
• Using Cinema 4D files within After Effects

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