After Effects Introduction

After Effects Introduction


This course is for those who want to create impressive animation and visual effects that will wow viewers.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


2 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Create impressive animation and visual effects that will wow your viewers. Use the world's favourite motion graphics software like a professional.

Delivered by an Adobe Authorised training provider.

What will I learn?

  • Create video projects from scratch
  • Understand After Effects interface
  • Learn keyframing workflow
  • Confidently use effects palette
  • Learn tips from industry experts
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free helpdesk support for 28 days

Course Content

Day One

Getting Started
• Workspaces – selecting a layout and resetting the windows:
• The Project window, timeline and viewer
• Setting Up Your Database & folder structure
• Creating Compositions – Comp settings
• Essential viewer window settings
• Creating assets within AE
• Arranging objects in the viewport
• How layers work in the timeline window
• Object properties – the basics – Position, Scale, Rotation, Anchor Point and Opacity

• Manipulating object transforms
• Navigating the timeline, playing scrubbing and zooming
• Simple animation – your first keyframes
• Position animation and Bezier curves
• Manipulating keyframes
• Using the keyframe navigator
• Adding ease to improve animation quality
• Copying and pasting keyframes
• Proportional scaling of keyframes on the timeline
• Using hotkeys to reveal keyframes and properties
• Adding Motion Blur – Adjusting the global motion blur settings

Adding Effects
• The effect controls palette
• Ensuring that you explore effects completely – good workflow practices
• How effects work with keyframes
• Combining effects together
• Adjustment layers

Best Practices & Importing Different Files
• Exploring the interface in more detail, switches, modes and time controls
• Ensuring correct workflow vector files
• The collapse transformations switch
• Importing video footage
• Trimming and time manipulation of layers
• Sorting, finding and working with assets in the project window
• Importing Photoshop files
• Importing Illustrator files
• Layer modes
• PreComps – Why Precomps are vital
• Sending Projects To Others

Questions and Answers

Day Two

Keyframes - A Deeper Look
• Hold keyframes
• Reversing animation the right way – avoiding “Bezier twists”
• Roving keyframes
• Auto orientation

Track Mattes & Masks
• Track Matte Types - Luma & Alpha
• Editing masks
• Using masks to reveal and hide layers
• Animating Masks
• Other mask uses for paths and effect controls

Creating a Basic Logo
• Anchor point issues
• Pre-composing base elements for better workflow
• Adding effects to build our sequence
• Parenting Layers
• A simple expression - “Wiggle”
• How Wiggle works – what the numbers do

• Using basic presets as a start point
• Text presets – a special case
• Creating your own text animators
• Saving text animators as a preset

• Rendering & Media Encoder - Best Practices

Q&A and Troubleshooting

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