Windows 10 Configuration and Support

Windows 10 Configuration and Support


This course is designed for support personnel, as well as anyone interested in appreciating how to get the most out of Microsoft's Windows 10 Operating System.

NOTE: We also offer configuration and support courses for previous versions of windows:


A general appreciation of the Microsoft Windows environment, at any previous release level, is an ideal starting point for anyone taking this course.


3 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This course provides comprehensive coverage of Windows 10 from both installation, configuration and support aspects. Thereby enabling students to be confident with Windows 10 devices and desktops in a corporate environment with a Windows Server domain. Delegates will appreciate the deployment of Windows 10 and be taught the customisation of OS and apps. The course focuses on configuration of remote and local both cutwork storage and connectivity along with dealing with the security of data, network and devices. Recovering, maintaining and updating the OS Windows 10 is also one of the feature highlights of the course delivery.

Course Content

  • Specify the Windows 10 features
  • Install and configure Windows 10
  • Configure networks and storage management for the supporting device
  • Understand how to manage files, printers and apps
  • Understand how to maintain the data, network and device security
  • Improve the network security with new features
  • Update and keep track of the supporting devices
  • Troubleshooting and recovery - Learn to restore, recover files and rollback drivers

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