Microsoft IIS for Windows Server

Microsoft IIS for Windows Server


This course is well suited to Microsoft Windows Administrators and anyone needing the skills to install, configure, administrate and maintain an IIS 8 Installation in a Windows 2012 environment.

NOTE: This course can also be delivered at IIS version 7 (Windows 2008) or version 6 (Windows 2003), please request the relevant version prior to booking.


We recommend that delegates attend the appropriate administration course for their server environment prior to attending, or have a similar level of knowledge. Attending either of these courses would be ideal:


4 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This course introduces delegates to Microsoft's Internet Information Services, Microsoft's Enterprise Web Server platform.

Delegates will learn how to plan, deploy, manage, and monitor IIS for Windows 2012 Server for small businesses and enterprise environments. The course also takes a look at Security issues surrounding the use of this product.

Course Content

Introduction to IIS
What is IIS?
How IIS Works with Other Microsoft Products.
Protocols Used Within IIS.

Installing IIS
IIS Requirements.
Installing IIS.
Upgrading IIS.
Using Online Documentation.

Configuring the Default Website
The Web-based Administration Tools.
Configuring Properties.
Creating additional Websites.
Creating Virtual Directories.
Creating Custom Error Messages.

Administering Web and FTP Sites
Managing Content.
Managing the Metabase.
Administering Web Sites with Built-in Scripts.
Stopping and Starting the Services.
Backing Up and Restoring Web Sites.

Configuring and Managing Application Pools

Introduction to Web programming Models
Introduction to ISAPI.
Introduction to CGI.
Introduction to Active Server Pages.
Indexing and Searching.
Enabling the Index Service.
Using HTML-Based Forms to Query the Web Site..

Securing Websites and Applications
Web Server Security Issues.
Securing the System Through NTFS Permissions.
Securing the System Through IIS Permissions.
Introduction to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
Securing Data Transmissions with SSL.
Client Certificates.
Using the Central Certificate Store.
Introduction to Lockdown Tools.

Logging IIS
Enabling Logging.
Log Formats.
Reviewing Log Files.

Monitoring and Backing Up IIS
Performance Monitoring IIS.
Troubleshooting Potential IIS Problems.
Backing up and Restoring IIS.

Providing Email Support
Introduction to SMTP.
Configuring Support for SMTP.
Configuring SMTP Security.

Configuring Remote Administration

Implementing FTP

Building Load-Balanced Web Farms

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