Introduction to WebSphere Application Server on z/OS

Introduction to WebSphere Application Server on z/OS


This course is for z/OS users and IT staff who need to understand the WebSphere Application Server on the z/OS platform.


Delegates should have an understanding of the z/OS operating system. This is best gained by attending our z/OS for Beginners course.

An understanding of the Java programming language would also be useful.


1 day.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

This course will show delegates how WebSphere Application Server allows a system running z/OS to act as a Web Server. It identifies the WebSphere Application Server components, discusses their functions and explains the benefits of using z/OS as a web server.  The implementation process of WebSphere Application Server is outlined. Aspects of security and operations are also identified.

Course Content

Web Enabling
The concepts.
The Java programming language.
Java architecture.

The Creation of E-Business
WebSphere Application Server context.

WebSphere Application Server Administrative Set-up
WAS Administrative model.
Using WAS as the company hub.

WebSphere Application Server on z/OS
WAS implementation on z/OS.
Using WAS on z/OS efficiently.

WAS as a UNIX System Services Application
What is UNIX System Services?

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