XML Developers Programme

XML Developers Programme


This course is for Developers requiring an in-depth working knowledge of the XML language, it’s application and implementation.


Those wishing to attend should have a good working knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript, gained through experience or attendance on our XML Introduction.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Maximize web site usability while maintaining the structure necessary to allow the site to grow with XML. XML separates data from display so there is no end parser in mind - display the same information on a Web browser, a mobile phone etc!

This course provides students with intensive, hands on XML instruction.

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the Role of XML Applications.
  • Create and Display XML documents on a Browser.
  • Set standards for your XML documents.
  • Incorporate Document Type.

Course Content

Introduction to XML
The Development of XML.
An XML Example.
Why XML?

XML and Browser Compatibility
Microsoft and XML Extensions.
Why Use a Browser to Display XML?

Examining an XML Application
The Components of an XML Application.

XML Syntax
XML Logical Structure.
XML Physical Structure.
XML Logic - Designing Datasheets.
XML Attributes Revisited.
Why Use Attributes?
An Introduction to Our Demo Application.

Document Type Definitions (DTDs)
Example - A Basic DTD.
Validating Against your DTDs.
External DTDs.
Public vs. System DTDs.

XML Namespaces

XML Schemas
Current Status of the XML Schema Proposal.
Referencing An XML Schema.
The xsi Namespace.
An XML Schema Document.
Beginning a Schema Document.
Specifying Document Structure with your Schema.
Declaring Attributes.
Restricting Content with Schemas.
Specifying Default Values.
Validating Against Schemas.

Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to Present XML Data
A Brief Review of CSS Rules.

Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
XSL Basics - Linking to an XSL Stylesheet.
Examining an XSL Stylesheet.
xsl:apply-templates and Iterative Content.
XPath - the XSL Node Matching Syntax.
Using xsl:sort to re-sort your display.
Generating Hyperlinks with XSL.
Loops with XSL.

Displaying Complex Structures with XSL

Conditional Logic in XSL
xsl:if For Conditional Output.
Multi-Option Branching with xsl:choose, xsl:when, and xsl:otherwise.
Conditional Operators in XSL.

XPath Expressions and XSL Functions
XPath Expressions and Filters.
Aggregate Functions.
Data Conversion, Calculations, and Variables.
Variables in XSL and the xsl:variable Tag.
Calculations and Number Formatting Functions.

Building the HTML Front End to XML Data
Data Islands and the HTML.

Dynamic XSL Changes
Using XSL Updating to Re-Sort XML Data.
Using XSL to Produce New XML.

Introduction to Server-Side XML
Review - A Client-Side XML Document.
Server-Side XML Data.
A Brief Introduction to Active Server Pages.
An Analysis of the wrapper.asp Code.
Installing the MSXML2.DOMDocument.3.0 Component on your Server.

Saving XML Output to a File

Advanced XSL
Using to Parse your XML Hierarchy.

Producing Multiple Outputs from one XML Document
Outputting Text Files with XSL.

Outputting XML with XSL
Using xsl:attribute and xsl:element to Build New Markup Dynamically.

Generating Data Drill-Downs
Dynamic XSL Modification I - Displaying More Information Without Losing Your List of Links.
Dynamic XSL Modification II - Moving the Application to the Server.

Dynamic Searching With XSL.

XML-Database Integration
An Introduction to the Database for this Class.
Direct Database Generation of XML.
ASP Errors in XML.
Loading Database Data into a Server-Side Script.
Saving the XML You Generate from Database Data.

Partial Searches with JavaScript.
Building a Tree Display of your XML Content.
Adding to and Modifying Nodes in your XML Hierarchy.
Saving Additions to your XML.

Building a Database Table from XML Data

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