JavaScript Introduction

JavaScript Introduction


Developers who wish to write dynamic, interactive applications in Javascript.


Some knowledge of HTML coding is essential.

Previous experience of programming, especially object-oriented or 'visual' programming, would be useful but is not essential.


2 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

JavaScript is a programming language designed to make HTML more dynamic and interactive. This course aims to show you how JavaScript interacts with the various HTML elements, including forms, frames, images and other embedded objects, and the main browser window. With the techniques learned on this course delegates will, for example, be able to make mouse 'rollovers', validate forms before they are submitted and control the main browser window.

Course Content

JavaScript Basics
Introduction to JavaScript/ECMAScript.
Embedding scripts/Detecting non-scripting browsers.

Basic Programming Skills and Syntax
Introduction to variables, data types, and functions.
Introduction to JavaScript operators.
Introduction to control structures.

JavaScript Objects
Introduction to objects, methods, and properties.
Introduction to expressions.
Using the Math, String, and Date objects.

More JavaScript Objects
Introduction to the Document and Window objects.
Introduction to the DOM.
Writing to and creating new windows.

Basic Events and Forms
Handling events on a form.
Introduction to form validation.

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