Windows to Linux Migration for Support Personnel

Windows to Linux Migration for Support Personnel


This course is for technical support staff who are familiar with Windows administration and require the basic skills necessary to effectively support Linux systems.

This course is suitable for most distributions of Linux, including Red Hat, Ubuntu and SUSE.


Attendees should be technical staff who have a moderate to good knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

No prior experience with Linux is required.


3 days. Hands on

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

The course is highly interactive and consists of theory with plenty of hands on practical content. It will provide support staff new to LINUX with a sound appreciation of this powerful operating environment.

The course provides attendees with knowledge and confidence to provide day-to-day support of LINUX based systems. Attendees will gain a fundamental knowledge of the LINUX operating system and be able to use some of the more advanced LINUX facilities.

Course Content

Accessing the System and Getting Help
Graphical Interfaces - Gnome and KDE
Tools available through the Graphical Interfaces
The LINUX Filesystem
The BASH Shell
Accessing and Using the Command Line
Commands and Utilities available at the Command Line
Editing and Printing Files
Understanding Processes
Directory and File Security - Permissions and Ownerships
Disks - Partitions and Mountable Filesystems
Backup Utilities
Installing Linux and Additional Software

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