Red Hat System Administration Fast Track

Red Hat 8 System Administration Fast Track


This Red Hat 8 System Administration course is aimed at users and administrators who need to manage Enterprise Linux systems, not just Red Hat but also any of the rebuild projects like CentOS and Scientific Linux. It will help existing administrators new to Red Hat 8 or CentOS 8 become skilled in the core tasks involved in managing Enterprise Linux solutions in double quick time.


Previous experience with a UNIX or Linux system is required although specific Red Hat experience is not required.

Delegates will benefit from having attending our UNIX & Linux Essentials course.


5 days. Includes lecture content and practical exercises.

Course Objectives

Of all the various Linux systems available, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become the corporate Linux standard.

The course is the equivalent of our Red Hat Admin part 1 and Part 2 courses delivered in half the time. As the title suggests, it is fast paced and will teach students the basic and intermediate Enterprise Linux administration techniques, including; command line access, process control and user and group management, task automation, access control and advanced filesystem configuration.

Course Content

Subjects from RHSA Part 1

What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Accessing the Command Line

Managing Linux Files

Getting Help In Linux

Managing Text Files

Managing Local Users and Groups

Managing Linux File Permissions

Monitoring and Managing Processes

Managing Services

Working with the SSH Client

System Logging

Networking Within Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Archiving Files

Managing Software in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Linux Storage

Remote Monitoring

Subjects from RHSA Part 2

Expedite the Command Line

 Schedule future Linux tasks

 Tuning Server Performance

 Control access to files with access control lists (ACL)

 Manage SELinux security

 Add disks, partitions, and file systems to a Linux system

 Manage logical volume management (LVM) storage

 Using Advanced Storage

 Access networked attached storage with network file system (NFS)

 Control and troubleshoot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux boot process

 Limit network communication with FirewallD

 Firewalls with nftables

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