IBM Migration Utility for Users

IBM Migration Utility for Users


This course will form an introduction to IBM’s migration utility for users that currently use CA-EASYTRIEVE to produce reports as and when they are needed. The IBM migration utility allows users to continue to use, update and maintain their reports using existing Easytrieve skills, meaning they can continue to update their reports using existing skills.


Familiarity with CA-EASYTRIEVE.


1 day. Hands on.

Course Objectives

We will discuss what the migration utility is and how it converts Easytrieve code to COBOL in a single step. We will also briefly discuss the steps that Migration utility goes through when converting this code to be run using the standard IBM utilities.

To help ensure that migration is completed as smoothly as possible attendees will be shown what changes need to be made to their existing Easytrieve jobs to allow reports to be generated with as few changes as possible.

Course Content



What is Migration Utility?

What does it do for you?

Break – 15 mins

Individual steps completed by migration utility – a breakdown

Introducing the One step translating driver – link and go

Using this with your existing Easytrieve jobs

Introducing the Link and go for use with DB2

Lunch – 1 hour

Demo the one step driver


Logging on to DEVL

Creating libraries

Copying members for exercises

Running the one-step task using existing Easytrieve code
• Multiple examples

Break – 15 mins

Converting reports for future use when no changes will be made
• What steps are required for conversion

Q & A


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