MS Project Introduction

MS Project Introduction


This course is designed for those people who require an introduction to the use of Microsoft Project as an effective software tool for Project Planning, Task Scheduling, Tracking and Evaluation.

NOTE: This course uses Microsoft Project 2016, however previous versions can be covered on request, please contact us for more information.


A basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows environment is required.


2 days. Hands on.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

This in-depth course is designed to help delegates get the most out of Microsoft Project. The course provides students with everything necessary to get Microsoft Project up and running with the most effective learning approach available. This class provides a solid foundation those who want to gain basic proficiency in the product.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Enter, organize, and fine-tune tasks.
  • Set up resources and assign them to tasks.
  • Filter, sort, group, and print project information.
  • Use Microsoft Project with other programs.

Delegates will explore all the features and facilities within Microsoft Project and will have lots of opportunity to apply what they have learned in practical exercises during the class.

Course Content

Creating a Project Plan
Import a task list from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Project.
Set default folder options and AutoSave.
Create recurring tasks.
Split a task.
Modify task duration.
Modify calendar working time options.
Apply a calendar to a task.
Add material resources to a project.
Enter costs on resources.
Assign an additional resource to a task without increasing work on the task.
Assign an additional resource to a task to increase work on the task.
Create base calendars.
Set task types (fixed work, fixed units, fixed duration).
Create a summary task.
Use deadlines and constraints.
Create a milestone task.
Create a new project.
Assign initial resources to tasks.
Enter task relationships.
Enter task information.

Tracking a Project
Assign tasks using Microsoft Project Central.
Add a progress line to a Gantt chart for a given date.
Set reminders and send schedule note messages.
Record task status in Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Central.
Display resource allocations.
Reschedule uncompleted work.
Modify project duration.
Compare actual with the project baseline.
Record actual work on a task.
Save a baseline for the entire project or selected tasks.
Edit task relationship types and lag.

Communicating Project Information
Use the drawing tools.
Add a hyperlink to a task.
Copy a picture of a view and save it as a Web page.
Use Organizer to share custom views.
Modify a standard report.
Copy and paste a Gantt chart into a Microsoft Word document.
Copy and paste sheet information into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
Update server-based project information using Microsoft Project Central.
Set page setup options.
Create a new custom report.

General Project Management Concepts
Display the critical path using filtering and formatting techniques.
Differentiate work from duration.
Apply work breakdown structure (WBS) codes.

Customizing a Project
Reset table defaults.
Create custom filters.
Define WBS codes.
Create and apply custom groupings.
Format individual bars and bar styles.
Sort a view.
Apply custom filters.
Create a custom table.
Create and apply a custom view.
Format a time scale.
Use outlining features.
Apply a filter using AutoFilter.
Insert a column in a table.

Multi-project Management
Set baselines for a master project.
Add a task to a master project.
Create relationships between tasks in a master project and subproject files.
Insert a subproject into a master project.

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