Power Platform & AI

Power Platform & AI


All level of App makers.


Delegates on this course should have a good understanding of the Microsoft Power Platform echo system.  Not essential but desirable that they have already created at least one solution.

This course is a low code no code App makers course.


3 Days.

Course Objectives

This course is delivered as an interactive guided lab.  The class participants will all create a full solution as described below. 

By the end of the course delegates will have a deep understanding of how the Power Platform can be rocketed into the next level with the aid of AI.

They will have sufficient skills to be able to “Get started” and seek help for the specific customisations that were beyond the scope of the course.

Course Content

The lab will emulate a company’s goods in department, where goods arriving will be photographed and the images will be provided to AI image recognition. The goods in materials will identified via AI and this will trigger a the appropriate process of notifications etc.

The administration of the process managed via a Model Driven App.

Defects will be notified via a mobile app which will in turn trigger notifications that will appear in the relevant Teams channel via adaptive card.

Delegates will create a desktop app for updating drawings and material information.

Delegates will use AI to monitor feedback channels and then set up suitable responses based on the sentiment of the feedback.

Delegates will create a desk top app plus AI to extract important information from sales enquiries.

Students will create reports and a dashboard using Power BI and use the AI capabilities of Power BI to forecast demands etc.


Learning Outcomes

  1. How to create a Power App and empower it with AI.
  2. How to create a Model driven app and empower it with AI capabilities.
  3. How to create a Mobile app and empower it with AI capabilities.
  4. How to create Power Automate Flows.
  5. AI – Image recognition, Entity extraction, Understanding sentiment.

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