Oracle Audit and Security

Oracle Audit and Security


This course is for security specialists and auditors who are aware that their companies use Oracle based products, but do not understand the database platform and therefore the risks it may carry.

This course is suitable for all recent versions of Oracle including 12c, 18c, and 19c.


No prior knowledge of Oracle is expected but delegates should have a general understanding of how computers work.


2 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Delegates will learn how Oracle is built and understand what the various categories of user do on the database and the risks they carry.

Hands on labs will show the students how to scan the system for objects, especially sensitive tables, and to find out who can do what to them.

Course Content

Introducing Oracle
The database management system
The Oracle security model

Oracle SQL Developer and SQL*PLUS (Command Line)
Connecting to ORACLE
Commands available in SQL*PLUS
SQL code – the development life cycle
SQL Developer features and functions in Oracle
The data dictionary

The Oracle System
Log files
The control file
Trace and alert files

User Security
User creation issues
Categories of users
Viewing users on the system
Permissions and privileges
Maintaining user accounts
Power user accounts - system, sys, internal
Startup and shutdown
Operating system security

Backup and Recovery of the Database
Strategy and tactics

Auditing the Database
Strategy and tactics
The audit sub-system master switch
Creating the audit trail
Viewing the audit settings
Challenge and output
Managing audit data
Laying an audit trail
Extracting production data from the system

Database Triggers
Introduction to triggers
Audit triggers

Audit Workpack

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