MySQL Introduction to Querying

MySQL Introduction to Querying


Delegates who need to access and work with a MySQL Database.


There are no specific prerequisites, although an understanding of databases in general would be useful.


3 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This course covers the basics of SQL as used in MySQL. The course is designed to give delegates practical experience in writing SQL statements using the MySQL client program and MySQL Query Browser. The basic SQL statements, including the use of SQL functions and the basic table and view handling statements are all covered.

Delegates will appreciate:

  • Using client programs to access a MySQL database
  • Creating, altering and dropping a MySQL database
  • Writing SQL statements to select data from a MySQL database
  • Writing joins and subqueries
  • Using SQL expressions
  • Using SQL aggregate functions and scalar functions
  • Inserting, updating, deleting and replacing rows
  • Creating and altering tables, indexes and views
  • Using transactions
  • Granting and revoking access privileges on tables and views
  • Exporting and importing data

Course Content

Database Concepts

Using the MySQL Client

The SQL SELECT statement
Case sensitivity
Statement terminator
Syntax conventions
The select and FROM clause
Conditions and the WHERE clause
Logical operators
The ORDER BY clause
Column aliases
Arithmetic expressions
Precedence of operators

LIMIT, UNION and Aggregate Functions

Subqueries and Joins

Numeric and Character Functions

Date, Time and Other Functions

Databases and Tables

Indexes and Views

Managing Data
Inserting, replacing, updating, deleting rows
The truncate statement
COMMIT and ROLLBACK commands
Implicit commits

Access Control
Creating, Renaming and Dropping users
Granting and revoking privileges

Import and Export Using SQL and Command Line

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