Video Production: Filming and Editing for Beginners

Video Production: Filming and Editing for Beginners


This course is aimed at novices with little to no experience filming and editing video content. It is particularly tailored to delegates with little access to proper equipment, and will utilise low cost and easy to get hold of video gear. However concepts are equally applicable to any video equipment whatever it's cost.


  • A basic grasp of how to use a smart phone and a computer.
  • A computer and a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media encoder per delegate.
  • It would be useful if delegates have their own camera, sound, and lighting equipment along with a reasonably powerful computer for editing. Camera, sound and lighting gear can however be provided for use during the sessions.


16 hours to be divided into either 2, 8 hour sessions or 4, 4 hour sessions.

Course Objectives

After taking this course a delegate should expect to:

  • Be able to film and edit a simple but professional quality video completely independently.
  • Feel equally confident filming a video on something as simple as a smart phone or as complex as a proper video camera.
  • Work through the complete post production process.

This course features a healthy balance between practical and theory work. Delegates will be given the opportunity to put everything they learn into practice under the supervision of the teacher.

Course Content

Filming video with a phone
Filming video with a camera
Framing / Composition
Recording Audio
Video lighting
Video encoding

Folder structure and file naming convention best practice
Importing footage and creating edit proxies
Video editing
Multi-camera editing
Basic colour correction
Basic audio mixing
Exporting best practice

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