Animate Introduction

Animate Introduction


This course is for those who want to create visually engaging content for web banners, e-learning, games and more.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


2 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Create visually engaging content for web banners, e-learning, games and more. Incorporate sound and video to your interactive elements and publish to platforms.

Delivered by an Adobe Authorised training provider.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the interface
  • Bitmaps and drawing tools
  • Create engaging graphics
  • Animation techniques
  • Build and edit banner ads
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free helpdesk support for 28 days

Course Content

Day One

Animate essentials
• About File Types: HTML5 Canvas versus Actionscript 3
• The Adobe Animate interface
• Syncing settings in Animate CC
• Creating a new Animate document
• Setting stage properties and dimensions
• Working with panels and panel layouts
• Custom panel sets
• Rules, guides and grid
• Identifying the development cycle
• Creating a new file
• Publish Settings

Draw Tools and Bitmaps
• Object and shape draw modes
• Vector draw tools
• Alignment and Transformation Tools and Panels
• Modifying Properties
• Reshaping Vectors
• Working with Live Text
• Creating and modifying gradients
• Importing and saving swatches
• Working with Layers
• Layer Masks
• Integration with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
• Importing Bitmaps

Basic Animation Principles
• Timeline Essentials
• Understanding the Timeline and Frame Rate
• About Frames, Keyframes and Blank Keyframes
• Adding, removing and copying from the Timeline
• Creating Cell Animations
• Creating Shape Tweens
• Controlling Shape Tweens
• Understanding Motion and Classic Tweens
• About Symbols: Graphic, Button and Movie Clip

Questions and answers

Day Two

Classic Tween Techniques
• Creating Graphic Symbols
• Exploring the Library
• Editing Symbols and Resetting the Registration Point
• Fading in and out
• Resizing and Rotating
• Animating on a Path with Motion Guides
• Building self-contained Movie Clip animations
• Understanding and applying Easing
• Creating Custom Eases

Applied Animation Techniques
• Planning and Storyboards
• Character Animation Techniques
• Parallax scrolling
• Animated Masking
• Building and Testing Banner Ads
• Creating IK chains with the Bone Tool
• Working with the Camera Tool
• Integrating Audio and Video

Interactivity and Publishing
• Best practice for file sizes
• Exporting as Video and Animated Gif
• Creating Buttons
• About HTML5 and Javascript
• Working with Code Snippets
• Linking to websites
• Timeline Navigation
• Creating loops
• Publishing for browsers and devices
• About clickTag
• Working with AD Agencies

Questions and answers

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