IMS Technical Introduction

IMS Technical Introduction


Systems programmers, technical support staff and database administrators who are responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance and support of the IMS product.

Experienced operations support staff or applications programmers developing programs to access the IMS database will also benefit.


A basic understanding of z/OS is a prerequisite for this class, successful completion of our z/OS for Beginners class or equivalent knowledge is recommended.


3 days.

This course is available on request only. Please call 01225 339705 for details.

Course Objectives

This course will introduce the features of IMS.

After completing the course, delegates will understand:

  • The components of IMS in a sysplex for message sharing.
  • IMS’s support of VTAM Generic Resources.
  • The enhancements to Fastpath Databases for Data Sharing.
  • DBRC enhancements.
  • All the miscellaneous line items.

Course Content

Review of the Structure and Components of IMS

IMS Transaction Manager in a Sysplex
Shared Full Function Message Queues.
Fastpath EMH.
Common Queue Server.
VTAM generic resources.
IMS communications in a Sysplex.

IMS Database Manager Enhancements for IMSPLEX
OSAM Caching in the Coupling Facility.
Fast Database Recovery (FDR).
Data Sharing for Fastpath.
Shared VSOs.
Shared SDEPs. 
Image Copy 2.

DBRC Enhancements
Daylight saving time support.
Miscellaneous changes.
Multiple performance and capacity changes.

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