MQ Introduction

MQ Introduction


This course is for managers, planners, programmers, analysts and system designers who need an overview of the abilities, functions and facilities of IBM MQ.


An overall understanding of computer systems and networking concepts is expected.


1 day. Lecture based with demonstrations.

Course Objectives

This course is delivered at V9 (previous release levels are available) and aims to give all delegates, an overview of the functions and facilities inherent in MQ at all release levels including V9.

The course provides a good overview of the MQ product and also makes a good foundation for further MQ training.

Course Content

Queuing and Client Server Overview
Distributed Data Processing.
Principles of Client-Server.
Principles of Queuing.

MQ Overall Structure
Queue Manager.
Local and Remote Queues.
The Dead Letter Queue.

MQ within the operating system
MQ Subsystem Principles.
Relationship with components of the operating system.

MQ Platforms
Summary of availability on all platforms. (Windows, UNIX, Linux, z/OS, iSeries etc.).

Sample Applications
Some worked examples showing the way that systems and programs using MQ can be developed and used.

Additional Topics
Error Handling.

NOTE: IBM MQ was previously known as WebSphereMQ or MQ Series and is still sometimes referred to by these names.

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