RPG IV Programming with SQL

RPG IV Programming with SQL


Programmers responsible for writing and/or maintaining RPG IV code will benefit from attending this course.


A basic working knowledge of the SQL language is required. Delegates should be
familiar with the IBM i platform and have practical experience with the commands
and tools relevant to application development and maintenance. A good knowledge
of RPG IV programming is essential; experience with the Rational Developer for
IBM i tooling would be an advantage.
Attendees will require authority to create their own Schemas (Libraries), Tables
(Physical Files), etc. Source scripts will be provided to create a simple database for
subsequent data manipulation.
Attendee's PC's should be fully configured as detailed in a separate Checklist which
can be obtained on request.


2 Days.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training course, the attendee will:
• Code RPG IV programs incorporating embedded SQL statements
• Understand the build process for programs with embedded SQL
• Assess when to use embedded SQL vs RPG RLA
• Create simple Stored Procedures with RPG IV
• Discuss recent enhancements

Course Content

Rapidly changing business requirements mean that applications for the IBM i can no
longer be developed exclusively in the RPG IV and CL programming languages.
Looking to the future, these core facilities have to be complemented by other tools.
SQL provides such additional capabilities for enhanced database access and
This practical Workshop will enable experienced RPG IV programmers to develop
the skills to incorporate SQL statements in their programs where appropriate.


1. Introduction and Recap
2. Coding Principles
3. Static SQL: No Cursor
4. Static SQL: With Cursor
5. Dynamic SQL: Non-SELECT
6. Dynamic SQL: Fixed List SELECT
7. Dynamic SQL: Varying List SELECT
8. External Stored Procedures
9. Further Topics


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