RPG IV Programming

RPG IV Programming


This course is well suited to developers who are familiar with programming in any High Level Language (HLL) but new to iSeries RPG IV.


No prior knowledge of the RPG language is required. However, it is assumed that
delegates will have a programming background in some language, not necessarily
on the IBM i platform.
Delegates should be familiar with the IBM i platform and have practical experience
with the commands and tools relevant to application development and
maintenance.. Though not essential, experience with Rational Developer for i (RDi)
would be an advantage as this tooling will be used throughout the Workshop.
Attendees will require authority to create their own Schemas (Libraries), Tables
(Physical Files), etc. Source scripts will be provided to create a simple database for
subsequent data manipulation.
Attendee's PC's should be fully configured as detailed in a separate Checklist which
can be obtained on request.


3 Days.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training course, the attendee will:
• Gain a working knowledge of the RPG IV language
• Able to read and understand RPG IV code
• Write programs to perform a variety of processing tasks
• Identify several unique features of the RPG IV syntax
• Interpret a compiler listing, identify and correct errors
• Use debugging tools to rectify runtime errors
• Become proficient in coding RPG IV routines for file handling

Course Content

RPG IV is the programming language of choice for developing modern business
applications on the IBM i platform. Although this proprietary IBM language was first
devised over 50 years ago, it continues to evolve to meet rapidly changing business
requirements. This Workshop provides an introduction to coding with RPG IV,
focussing on best practice and using only the latest, fully free-format features.


1. Introduction to the Modern RPG IV
2. RPG IV Specifications
3. Data Types and Definitions
4. Calculations and BIFs
5. DDS Primer for Reports
6. Logic Flow
7. Debugging Tools
8. DB2 Record Processing
9. Further Topics

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