ILE Concepts

ILE Concepts


This course is ideal for anyone who needs to better understand the Integrated Language Environment (ILE).


Attendees will require authority to create their own Schemas (Libraries), Tables
(Physical Files), etc.
Attendee's PC's should be fully configured as detailed in a separate Checklist which
can be obtained on request.
Delegates should be familiar with the IBM i platform and have practical experience
with the commands and tools relevant to application development and maintenance.
Delegates should also possess practical experience in writing basic RPG IV
programs to perform routine operations and file processing.


2 Days.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training course, the attendee will:
• Understand ILE terminology
• Discuss appropriate design/build approach for modular application
• Write effective, reusable code using subprocedures
• Employ relevant ILE support features - binder language and activation groups

Course Content

Since V2R3 was released in 1993, all IBM i applications written in the CL, RPG IV,
COBOL and C programming languages have been running under the Integrated
Language Environment (ILE). However, a majority of these applications make little, if
any use of ILE facilities and functions.
Modular program design coupled with code re-use are essential underpinnings that
ILE supports; there is much more scope for program construction than a simple
bind-by-copy approach.
This workshop will provide a comprehensive coverage of ILE features and how they
can be implemented in the RPG IV and CL languages. Delegates will develop both
practical skills with and a deeper knowledge of ILE.


1. External subprocedures
2. ILE principles
3. Binder language
4. Binding directories
5. Activation groups
6. API's for ILE
7. ILE error handling

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