IBM i Introduction

IBM i Introduction


This intermediate course is intended for Programmers, Systems Analysts and all others needing an introduction to IBM i (formerly AS/400) from a programming point of view. The overall objective of this class is to provide delegates with a basic understanding of IBM i concepts and an overview of the programming facilities available on the server as well as the client.


Delegates may have no prior knowledge of the IBM i platform. However, practical experience with computer systems is expected and some programming background would be beneficial. Attendees will require authority to create their own Schemas (Libraries), Tables (Physical Files), etc. Source scripts will be provided to create a simple database for subsequent data manipulation. Attendee's PC's should be fully configured as detailed in a separate Checklist which can be obtained on request.


4 Days.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training course, the attendee will:

• Describe the fundamentals of the IBM i architecture

• Create and manage common objects

• Develop practical skills in the IBM i user interfaces

• Write simple CL programs

• Gain hands-on experience with IBM i tools and utilities

• Describe and manage the flow of work on the system

Course Content

The IBM i, (formerly OS/400) operating system runs on IBM Power Systems computer hardware, alongside AIX (Unix) and Linux. Whilst most IT specialists are familiar with the latter two operating systems, many will have never encountered IBM i. Yet, this closed, proprietary environment has many unique, industry-leading features which make it the business platform of choice for a large number of organisations worldwide. This workshop course will explore the many features which integrate into the IBM i operating system. Delegates will develop basic practical skills in the use of IBM i and gain an appreciation of how the many unique features apply to their own workplace.


1. IBM i Operating System Concepts

2. Overview of iNavigator / ACS

3. Using CL Commands

4. Message Handling

5. Managing Work

6. Printing Process

7. Programming on the IBM i

8. CL Programming Introduction

9. DB2 for IBM i

10.Security Overview

11.Other Considerations



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