VME SCL Programming

VME SCL Programming


This course is for applications programmers, technical and production support staff.

Operations analysts may also benefit from this course.


Attending the VME superNOVA Groundworks class or an equivalent level of knowledge is recommended.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This course enables mainframe users, particularly programmers, to make the most efficient and effective use of the VME operating system. It covers all the essential commands needed to develop and test applications, along with variable handling facilities and the essentials of recovery. Delegates will return equipped with the skills and confidence to produce flexible and user-friendly procedures.

Course Content

Virtual Machine concepts.
Main store, Virtual store.

Filestore and the Catalogue
Users, Files, Libraries & Groups.
Security & Privacy.

Introduction to SCL
MAC usage.
Exploring the user environment.

File Handling
Creating, Assigning, Printing.
File Organisations.
Filestore Maintenance.

Running Programs & Procedures
The loading environment.
Block Structure.
Compiling procedures.

Variable Handling
Variable types.
Built-in procedures.
Parameters to procedures.
Command failure testing.
SCL cycles.

Program - SCL Communication

Procedure Writing
Parameter definition.
Parameter validation.
EXT & REF Variables.
RESPONSE Variables.
Procedures returning a MODE.

Overview of Batch Recovery

User Object Nodes

BUS Utilities

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