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CA View


Following the Overview aimed at all IT personal who may need to know about Report Management services (including Job Schedulers, JCL writers, Operators, Programming Analysts), this course can be broken down into 3 parts: An entry level course for CA-View users both IT and non IT (Basic), an intermediate stage aimed at administrators as a bridge to the Advanced course or as the completion to training of junior staff and then the Advanced section for administrators responsible for defining and maintaining the CA-View database and running CA-View.


There are no prerequisites for attending but each part of the course should be taken in order and is a requirement for the next part.


3 days Hands on.

This course is available on site only.  Please call for details.

Course Objectives

Completing all parts of this course will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to administer fully a CA-View system.

Course Content

Introduction - IT personal who wish to know about Report Management services. (1/2 Hour)
The CA-View and CA-Deliver System.
System over-view of the two products.
Deliver database design.
The relationship of Jobs and Reports to Deliver.
The 5 View Modes.
Deliver database design.

Basic - Any users of CA-View, including end users as opposed to just IT personnel. (1 day)
View panels and commands.
General panel format and common commands.
Modes, Selecting SYSOUT.
The 5 User Modes.
Selecting SYSOUT.
Selection Lists and modes.
Selection List commands.
Browsing SYSOUT.
The Find, Locate, Mark commands, etc.
Selecting Filters.
Printing SYSOUT.
User level batch and online Printing.

Intermediate - For View Administrators. (1/2 day)
Printing SYSOUT.
The 5 User Modes.
Batch and online Printing.
Print attributes.
Reprinting off-Spool.
Defining Logical Views.
How to re-format a report.
Building an index.
Building line colour display.
Defining a Filter.
Selecting data for display.
High-lighting text.
User Interface.
Defining View Users.
Defining Sysout and Distribution Ids.
Defining Print Devices.
SARBCH Utility.

Advanced – Administrators responsible for defining and maintaining the CA-View database and running CA-View utilities. (1 day)
System Components.
Database components.
The main initialisation options.
Print-Archive-Print loops.
Backup Cycle.
Daily backup cycle.
Archive Generations.
Expanded Retention Option.
ERO parameters.
SARPAC utility.
Exception Code Table.
Defining exception conditions.
Defining Banner Pages.
What is a Banner Page, its construction and how to update.
Internal Security.
External Security.
Database Maintenance.
Defining and maintaining the View database with the SARDBASE utility.
Database Recovery.
The different recovery strategies.
Disaster recovery.
Tape Utilities.
Tape mapping.
Tape re-build.
Report to tape cross reference.
Restore to disk.
Scratch and Clean.
Automatic Archival.
Database security.

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