Hacking Enterprises: Understanding in.security

Hacking Enterprises: Understanding in.security


If you’re looking to get an idea of how an attacker may gain access to and exploit your network, or if you just want to learn the art, this is the course for you.

You will be exposed to tools, tricks and methodologies used by pentesters and hackers alike. By the end of this 5-day event you’ll be eager to get practicing in the in.security labs with your complementary 14 days access.

This course offers an all-round experience and is ideal for system administrators, network engineers, information security officers or anyone that wants to improve their technical security skills and advance within the expanding security sector.


Whilst we provide everything you need to know on the course, experience of working in Windows and Linux environments as well as using command line interfaces would be advantageous.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This basic/intermediate course covers a lot of popular topics and the content is structured in a way that allows you to fully understand how small pieces of information may allow an attacker access to critical infrastructure. Each topic is accompanied by practical exercises ensuring that underlying theory is reinforced by practical understanding and application.

Over the 5-day course you will connect to the dedicated hacklab using your in.security hackbox (see below for specs) or if you prefer you can use your own system. Over the week we’ll be covering the following topics:

  • Introduction into infrastructure and application security assessments
  • Understanding the importance of and leveraging OSINT activities
  • Understanding IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • Host discovery and port scanning
  • Exposure to vulnerability assessment toolsets
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities
  • Client-side attacks and targeting users in simulated phishing tests
  • Post-exploitation activities
  • Password cracking 101
  • Lateral movement and pivoting techniques
  • Domain compromise
  • Gaining persistence

in.security Certification

This course doesn’t just test the theory, it tests your understanding and application of the content. The last day of our course is a practical exam that awards one of two levels of certification (if you pass!)

  • One day ‘capture the flag’ assessment
  • Tests both theory and practical skills learned on the course
  • 65% or above gains the Student in.security certification!
  • 85% or above gains the Master in.security certification!

Complementary Hacklab Access

All students on our technical course, regardless of whether certification is obtained or not, will receive 14 days of free access to our labs after the course ends. Our training is intensive and we know it’s hard to retain everything learned during an event, so your extended access will allow you to continue to practice and sharpen your skills! If your insatiable thirst for hacking still isn’t satisfied you can also optionally purchase more time afterwards.

We Do This With A Difference!

All students on our technical course, regardless of whether certification is obtained or not, will receive our in.security hackbox! This includes a Raspberry Pi containing a pre-configured, tailored Linux installation that can be used to connect to our labs during the training and is then yours to keep, customise and hack away with after the course is completed!

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