Sun Entry Level Workstations and Servers

Sun Entry Level Workstations and Servers


This beginner level hardware support course is intended for personnel who service and support the following Sun entry level workstations and servers:

  • Workstations:
    • Ultra 5
    • Ultra 10
    • Ultra 60
    • Ultra 80
    • SunBlade 1000 and 2000
    • SunBlade 1500 and 2500
    • Ultra 20
    • Ultra 40
    • Ultra 24
    • Ultra 27
  • Servers:
    • Enterprise 250
    • Enterprise 450
    • Enterprise 220r
    • Enterprise 420r
    • Enterprise 280r
    • V100, V120, V125
    • V210, V215, V240
    • V440, V445
    • X21xx
    • X22xx


Delegates must bring their own laptop to this course.

No prior knowledge of Sun entry level workstations and servers is required.


4 days.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the different components and their functions in the Sun systems
  • Connect to the systems with their laptops
  • Use any built-in graphics devices
  • Use output from Power On Self Test to diagnose hardware problems
  • Control system behaviour in pre-boot state (Open Boot Prom or BIOS)
  • Select or search for bootable devices
  • Use the Open Boot Prom command line interface to retrieve system information
  • Access and interpret Solaris error message logs and configuration information
  • Collect Solaris behaviour data for analysis
  • Perform replacement procedures with the aid of vendor manuals

Delegates will be provided with printed course handouts and a CD containing reference materials.

Course Content

Identification and introduction to Sun workstations and entry level servers

Theory of operation

Local connectivity to serial ports and Lights Out Management devices

Field replaceable unit removal & installation procedures

Identification and isolation of hardware issues

Use of error logs, behaviour data and Solaris utilities

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