InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite


Delegates wishing to use Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite and InDesign Product to publish digital media in a variety of formats.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


2 days. Hands on.

This course is available on site only.  Please call for details.


This course will teach delegates how to create interactive documents using Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition and InDesign CS 5.5.

Course Content

Introduction and Setup
What is DPS? Why not ePub or PDF?
About the DPS Single Edition.
Collecting and installing tools.
Overview of DPS workflow.

DPS in InDesign
About the Folio Builder.
Design Guidelines.
Creating Source Documents.
Adding Horizontal and Vertical Layouts.
Importing Articles from InDesign.
Importing from Structured Folders.
Importing HTML articles.
Understanding DPS image rendering.

Testing Folios
Using Adobe Content Viewer Desktop.
Testing on the IPad and Android tablets.
Collaborating with other creators.

Adding Interactivity
About Folio Overlays.
Interactive Features supported in DPS.
Overlay best practice guidelines.
Making Hyperlinks:
• Creating links with the buttons panel.
• Text Links.
Adding Slideshows:
• Creating multi-state objects.
• Controlling multi-state objects with buttons.
About Image Sequences:
• Creating image sequence assets.
• Controlling image sequences.
Creating Panoramas.
Playing Audio and Video:
• Supported Formats.
• Audio and Video Controller Files.
Adding Web Content:
• Adding Web Pages.
• Adding HTML 5 content.
Pan and zoom large images.
Display content in scrollable frames.
Nesting Overlays.
Creating pop ups.
Using Wallaby to add Flash/HTML 5 animation.

Assembling and Publishing
Producing Folios.
Publishing Overview.
The DPS dashboard.

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