Flex: Building Dashboard Applications

Flex: Building Dashboard Applications


Delegates requiring the knowledge needed to use Flex charts to create highly interactive dashboards for data visualization.


Application developers with an understanding of using Adobe's Flex and web development product.


2 days. Hands on.

This course is available on site only.  Please call for details.

Course Objectives

This course provides developers with the knowledge needed to use Flex charts to create highly interactive dashboards for data visualization. By the end of the course, developers will be able to create interactive dashboards using the Flex framework and the Flex charting components. They will learn about using, formatting and styling Flex charts as well as creating interactive charts and dynamically controlling chart data. Developers will also have the opportunity to discuss conceptual topics for dashboard creation and usability.

Course Content

Introducing Flex Charts
Understanding chart data.
Exploring the final application.
Loading external data for charts and dashboard applications.
Introducing Flex charts.
Leveraging visual data through charts.
Understanding dashboards.

Using Flex Charts
Understanding the elements of a chart tag.
Understanding and using the column & bar charts.
Using the Column and Bar charts.
Understanding and using the line & area charts.
Understanding and using the pie chart.
Understanding and using the plot chart.
Understanding and using the bubble chart.
Using the Candlestick & High Low Open Close Charts.

Formatting Charts
Understanding the axis controls.
Using the CategoryAxis.
Using Chart DataTips.
Formatting chart types.
Working with legend controls.
Applying the Concepts.

Creating Multi-Series and ActionScript Charts
Understanding multiple data series.
Adding multiple series of data.
Using multiple chart axes.
Mixing chart series types.
Walkthrough: Mixing multiple series types.
Creating charts with ActionScript.
Applying the Concepts.

Understanding Advanced Charting Techniques
Using animation with chart series.
Animating charts and chart effects.
Handling user interaction.
Dynamically controlling chart series.
Changing dataProvider fields.
Dynamically controlling the series.
Using custom graphical renderers.
Applying the Concepts.

Styling Charts
Styling Charts.
Applying CSS to Chart Components.
Styling Chart Series.
Styling Chart Grid Lines.
Applying the concepts.

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