Adobe Dreamweaver - Dynamic Application Development

Adobe Dreamweaver - Dynamic Application Development


Web Developers wishing to extend their knowledge of the Dreamweaver product to be able to build more advanced, data-powered, dynamic websites.


Good basic knowledge of Dreamweaver, preferably from our Adobe Dreamweaver CC class or equivalent.


3 days. Hands on.

This course is available on site only.  Please call for details.

Course Objectives

This course provides students with the knowledge and hands on practice they need to build and manage dynamic websites using Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe ColdFusion, PHP and MySQL or ASP.Net.

In this course, you'll learn how to connect to a database, search and display results, and build a page to update the database. If you've always dreamed of building a more advanced, data-powered site, but didn't know where to start, then this course is for you. Dreamweaver is the web development program used by over eighty percent of web professionals. Through this Dreamweaver training course, Learn to use Dreamweaver to develop powerful websites using templates and style sheets that are easy to build and even easier to update.

Dreamweaver is the industry-leading web development tool, enabling users to efficiently design, develop and maintain standards-based websites and applications. With Dreamweaver, web developers go from start to finish, creating and maintaining basic websites to advanced applications that support best practices and the latest technologies. This course can be delivered at any release level - ask for details.

Course Content

Introducing the Course
Understanding the course format.
Reviewing the course objectives and prerequisites.
Looking at the course outline.

Getting Started
Understanding static vs. dynamic pages.
Introducing Adobe ColdFusion.
Working with sites in Adobe Dreamweaver.
Learning Adobe Dreamweaver interface basics.
Developing dynamic pages.
Including common code.

Using the Database Panel
Using databases on the web.
Creating a database connection.
Using the Database panel.
Using the Bindings panel to create a simple recordset.
Creating an advanced recordset using joins.

Binding Data to a Page
Binding data to a page.
Using Live Data View.
Formatting data using the Bindings panel.
Inserting a dynamic image.

Customizing Recordset Display
Introducing Server Behaviours.
Displaying all rows in a recordset using Repeat Region.
Introducing Application Objects.
Using the Recordset Navigation Bar to page through recordsets.
Displaying Recordset Navigation Status.
Using the Server Debug View.

Creating Drill-down Interfaces
Creating a drill-down interface.
Generating dynamic links.
Using dynamic filters in SQL.
Using the Dynamic Table Application Object.
Creating a master-detail page set.

Creating a Search Interface
Reviewing HTML Forms.
Creating dynamically populated drop-down menus.
Creating filtered recordsets.

Inserting Rows into a Table
Creating a form and using the Insert Record Server Behaviour.
Validating form data using Behaviours.
Creating dynamic form elements.
Using the Recordset Insertion Form Application Object.

Updating Rows
Creating an interface for updating data.
Displaying results in a table using the Dynamic Table Application Object.
Creating a pre-filled form for the row to update.
Using URL parameters.
Using the Record Update Form Application Object.
Manually creating a form and applying an Update Record Server Behavior.

Deleting Rows
Understanding the delete process.
Creating a delete confirmation page.
Passing hidden data in a form.
Using a SQL Delete statement.
Using the Delete Row Application Object.

Authenticating Users
Setting and retrieving cookies.
Authenticating users with a web application.
Building the registration pages.
Building the log-in page.
Restricting access to pages.

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