z/OS Storage Management Fundamentals

z/OS Storage Management Fundamentals


This course is suitable for storage administrators and systems programmers who are responsible for managing data and data subsystems within the installation.


Delegates should have an understanding of z/OS, which may be obtained from the z/OS for Beginners course, and TSO/ISPF, which may be obtained from the z/OS TSO/ISPF Workshop.


4 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

The course covers all practical aspects of the storage administrator's job, including media, space and data management. It looks at the tasks which need to be performed, and covers the theoretical background to ensure a proper understanding.

Lab exercises are included to enforce the learning process.

Course Content

The Storage Administrator's Job
Media, space and data administration.

Storage Management Software Products

The Configuration and Devices

I/O Processing and Access Methods
The overall I/O process.
Access methods, data set organisation and record formats.

VTOC and Indexed VTOCs
The VTOC and Indexed VTOC structure.
Sizing and creating VTOCs and Indexed VTOCs.

The Catalog Structure
Creating Catalogs.
Catalog Maintenance.

An introduction to SMS

DFSMShsm and Tape Managed Software
HSM Startup parameters and control data sets.
Primary and secondary space management.
Daily and Interval migration.
Backup and dump processing.
HSM commands.

The Allocation Process
Allocation – SMS and non-SMS.
Serialisation and shared DASD.

Error Management
An overview of error management.
SIM and non-SIM processing.

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