VSAM Fundamentals

VSAM Fundamentals


This course is for IT professionals who require an understanding of basic VSAM structures and the capabilities of the Access Method Services utility, IDCAMS.


Knowledge of how to use TSO/E ISPF to edit and run work is required. Attending our z/OS TSO/ISPF Workshop is recommended.


3 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This workshop contains a mix of theory and practical sessions. Delegates are given the opportunity to practice data set creation and perform other functions from the IDCAMS repertoire.

At the completion of this course, attendees will understand the structure of VSAM data sets, how to create them, how to manage them and how to list and interpret catalogue information. Delegates will be able to:

  • Explain why VSAM is important to a number of sub-systems and products.
  • Explain the general syntax and structure of the statements used by the IDCAMS utility.
  • Explain the terms associated with VSAM data sets, including data set types.
  • Create data sets of each type.
  • List the catalogue for acquiring varying amounts of information.
  • Create and populate an alternate index.
  • Manipulate data sets in terms of archiving, changing attributes, copying, printing and renaming.
  • Explain the impact of different buffer assignments, and resolve conflicts between batch and online use.

Course Content

Introduction to VSAM

An overview of VSAM
Data organisation.
Data set organisations.
VSAM organisations.
VSAM and the Catalog.
The VSAM Utility program - IDCAMS.

VSAM Building Blocks
VSAM Data set structures.
Control Interval Format.
Control Area Format.

VSAM Clusters
VSAM processing.
Entry Sequenced Data sets (ESDS).
Key Sequenced Data sets (KSDS).
Relative Record Data sets (RRDS).
Linear Data sets (LDS).
Spanned and non-spanned records.

IDCAMS JCL Requirements.
IDCAMS Command Syntax.
Conditional execution.

MVS Catalogs
Catalog Structure.
Catalog Information.
Catalog Alias Mechanism.

AMS Commands
format and parameters.
format and group information.
Other commandsPerformance, security and integrity related parameters.

Alternate Indexes
AIX processing.

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