TCP/IP on z/OS Workshop

TCP/IP on z/OS Workshop


This course is designed for system programmers and those who will be responsible for administering and configuring TCP/IP on z/OS.  It is also useful for any other staff interested in a hands on understanding of TCP/IP under z/OS.


Delegates are expected to be familiar with:


2 days. Hands on.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

The course will provide delegates with a detailed understanding of TCP/IP communications and configuration in a z/OS environment.

During this course delegates will be involved with class exercises, such as configuring a TCP/IP stack on z/OS including a network interface, telnet and ftp.

Course Content

TCP/IP Review
TCP/IP and mainframes.
TCP/IP and Unix.
TCP/IP evolution z/OS.

TCP/IP on z/OS
Communication Server from V2R5.
TCP/IP and Unix Services.
Configuring TCP/IP:
• The principle - the stack.
• MVS or Unix Services.
• The data sets.
• The profiles.
• The other applications.
• Security aspects.

The Basic Configuration
The TCP/IP Procedure.
The Anchor Data Set:
• TCP/IP Data and contents.
The Profile:
• Structure and syntax.
• Basic network details.
• Basic IP, TCP and UDP parameters.
• Dynamic changes.
Running the stack – operations.

IP and Network Configuration
Static Routing - Gateway statement:
• Subnet masks.
Network Connections overview of common ones.
LAN Channel Stations (LCS):
• Open Systems Adapter (OSA).
• Other LCS connections.
Channel Attached Routers:
• MPC (+).
Channel to Channel Connections.
Special Connections:
• Same Host.

Telnet Options with z/OS.
Telnet 3270 Server:
• Interface to VTAM.
Telnet Client from TSO.
Inetd - and the basic telnet server.

Configuration and Unix Services
Static Routing.
Dynamic Routing:
• RIP.
• RIPv2.
RouteD Configuration:
• Procedure.
• Profile details.
• Additional control.
OSPF onz/OS (briefly).

File Transfer Protocol
FTP on z/OS - client and server:
• Special considerations.
• (With MVS data sets).
• Procedure.
• Profile details.
• FTP parameters.

Other Matters
Domain Name Server:
• Configuration.
Multiple Stacks:
·• On the same image.
• LPARs and sharing networks.
• Parallel Sysplex.
Changes in Communications Server

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