TCP/IP for z/OS Implementation Workshop - CB69G

TCP/IP for z/OS Implementation Workshop - CB69G


This intermediate course is for the Information Systems communications professional who is planning to install TCP/IP for z/OS and for TCP/IP users who are interested in installing and customizing IBM's TCP/IP product in interoperability environments and main applications.


You should understand basic concepts and architecture of TCP/IP and the TCP/IP protocols.

You should be familiar with z/OS systems and networking operations, and be familiar with z/OS UNIX Services configuration and usage.

You should also have a basic knowledge of data communications.


5 days.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide the skills for basic implementation and customization of TCP/IP on z/OS.

  • Describe IBM's z/OS TCP/IP product offering
  • Describe the installation requirements and system customization for the z/OS TCP/IP implementation
  • Define network interface attachments that produce connectivity for z/OS TCP/IP communications
  • Construct TCP/IP configuration statements for z/OS to allow operation and connectivity to an existing TCP/IP network
  • Configure TCP/IP for z/OS for basic communications functions
  • Construct TCP/IP configuration statements for z/OS for selected TCP/IP application protocols services

Course Content

Unit 1 - TCP/IP for z/OS introduction
Unit 2 - z/OS system prerequisites for TCP/IP
Unit 3 - Basic customization
Unit 4 - Network interfaces
Unit 5 - Name services
Unit 6 - OMPRoute
Unit 7 - Telnet
Unit 8 - Enterprise Extender
Unit 9 - SyslogD
Unit 10 - FTP
Unit 11 - SMTP

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