Linux Implementation for System z (SUSE) - ZL10G

Linux Implementation for System z (SUSE) - ZL10G


This course is for anyone responsible for installing, customizing, and maintaining Linux on System z.


You should have:

  • Basic Linux or UNIX skills
  • Basic knowledge of System z
  • Basic Knowledge of z/VM


3 days.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to teach the implementation of SUSE Linux on System z.

  • Understand the Linux on System z environment
  • Implement Linux on System z
  • Configure and administer the system
  • Install additional packages

Course Content

Day 1
Unit 1 - Introduction to Linux on System z
Unit 2 - Installing SUSE Linux for System z
Exercise 1 - Lab overview
Exercise 2 - SUSE Linux installation on System z
Unit 3 - LPAR specifics

Day 2
Lab review
Unit 4 - A tour through Linux on System z
Unit 5 - Installing additional packages
Exercise 3 - Linux basics
Lab review
Exercise 4 - SUSE installing additional packages
Lab review
Unit 6 - X Window environment
Exercise 5 - SUSE X Window System environment
Lab review

Day 3
Unit 7 - Network File System
Exercise 6 - SUSE Network File System
Lab review
Unit 8 - System management
Exercise 7 - SUSE System management
Unit 9 - Backup and recovery
Exercise 8 - SUSE TSM client
Lab review
Unit 10 - Network connectivity
Exercise 9 - SUSE connectivity
Lab review

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