React Web Development

React Web Development


This course is for anyone who wants to learn React web development.

React is a popular client-side development library from Facebook. React makes it easy to create reusable components and render them in a web page or in a native mobile application.


Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript programming.


3 days.

Course Objectives

This course focuses on React web development. We take a detailed look at how to create components using pure React and using JSX, and then take a detailed look at how to use Redux and Saga to manage state and asynchrony in large-scale applications.

What you’ll learn:

  • React architectural concepts
  • Creating components via ES6 inheritance
  • Creating components via stateless functional components
  • Using JSX effectively
  • React Router
  • Redux and React
  • Redux Saga
  • Modular development and bundling using Webpack

Course Content

Introduction to React
What is React
Essential ES6 language features for React
Using the Babel transpiler

Getting Started With React
Creating a simple React application
Creating multiple React elements
A data-driven approach
Creating elements via ReactDOMFactories

Overview of React components
Creating components via ES6 inheritance
Creating functional stateless components
Creating components via factories

Overview of JSX
A closer look at JSX Syntax
Complete example of JSX

Creating Modular React Applications
The need for modularity
Example application using Webpack

Properties and State
Specifying types for properties
Working with ES6 classes
Working with stateless functional components
State management

Component Techniques
Component lifecycle methods
Practical example of lifecycle methods
Optimizing UI updates
Accessing child content in a component

React Router
Overview of Single Page Applications
React and SPAs
Defining a router table
Creating links
Route parameters

Redux Store
What is Redux
Creating a Redux store
Creating and dispatching actions
Defining reducers
Subscribing and unsubscribing to state changes
Implementing action creators
Composing functions

Redux and React
Application structure
Identifying actions and reducers
Accessing state via context
Defining container classes
Simplifying containers via React Redux

Redux Saga
Overview of Redux Saga
ES6 generators
Doing asynchronous work via Redux Saga
Saga effects (take, put, call, fork, cancel, etc.)

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