MEAN Stack for Web Developers

MEAN Stack for Web Developers


Our MEAN Stack for Web Developers course is designed to ensure you have all the skills required to be a full stack developer. The course is fully lab based with plenty of hands-on exercises to help you incorporate solid development techniques into your workflow.

MEAN Stack is a Javascript software stack and gets its name from the components that make up the stack, namely: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js

Our course begins by laying a foundation in the Node.js platform, then moves into single page front-end web development with AngularJS. Next, we will interact with web services via AngularJS and the Express web application framework built on Node.js. The course concludes with an exploration of the NoSQL database, MongoDB.


This course assumes prior web development knowledge, including a good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS – if you are new to web development, we recommend you attend our Web Development Introduction using MEAN Stack training class, as this gives you all the pre-requisites you need.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

On completing the class, delegates will understand how to:

  • Code a MEAN Stack Application
  • Develop Single Page Applications
  • Route the Single Page Application
  • Write Express Back-End Web Services
  • Consume Express Web Services
  • Develop AngularJS Reusable Services, Filters and Directives
  • Create and Query MongoDB Documents

Course Content

Node.js Groundwork
Node Package Manager (NPM)
Asynchronous Programming & Callbacks

Angular Overview: Model-View-Whatever
Binding, Scope, Modules, Controllers
Routing Single Page Applications
Multiple and Views
Built-in and Custom Directives
Understanding the Digest Loop
Filters and Expressions
Forms and Validation
Consuming Ajax Web Services via $http and $resource
Promise Architecture

Understanding Express
HTTP Interaction
Handling Query Parameters
Handling Form Data
Creating RESTful Services
Consuming RESTful Services

Getting Started with MongoDB
Finding Documents
Updating, Inserts, Upserts
Data Modeling

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