This course is for Web Developers who wish to work with jQuery to simplify scripting tasks.


Delegates are expected to have a basic knowledge of web design, HTML and JavaScript.

Attending our JavaScript Introduction class is recommended.


2 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This course will show the delegates how to use the jQuery library to simplify client-side scripting tasks.

Attendees will learn how to perform Document Object Model (DOM) manipulations that dynamically change the look and content of their Web pages. They will learn how to make Ajax requests to gather and use data from a server and how to create user interface elements such as tab panel and accordion layouts.

Course Content

Introducing jQuery
Downloading jQuery.
How to ensure you have the Most Recent Version of jQuery.
How to Load jQuery with Other Libraries.

jQuery Basics
The jQuery() and $() Functions.
Don't Jump the Gun: The $(document).ready Event Handler.

DOM Manipulations with jQuery
Review of DOM Ideas: Seeing Your Page as a Tree.
How jQuery Resolves The Whitespace Problem between Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Review of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Selectors.
Using Element, Class and ID Selectors with jQuery.
Using Custom jQuery Selectors.
Modifying the Content and Styles of Selected Elements.
Adding and Removing Elements Using jQuery.
Looping Over a Set of Elements.
Binding Events to Elements.

Ajax Requests with jQuery
The Gory Details: A Complete Ajax Request with No Library Support.
GET and POST Requests with jQuery.
Incorporating Form and Cookie Data into Your Ajax Requests.
Handling a Plain-Text Response.
Handling an HTML Formatted Response Handling an XML Formatted Response.
Retrieving Headers from the Response.
Please Wait or Loading Whilst AJAX runs.

The jQuery User Interface (UI) Library
Downloading and Including the Library in Your Web Pages.
Tab Panel Layout.
Accordion Layout.
Modal Dialog Box.
Date Picker.
Sortable Table.
User Interface Elements.

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