Advanced CSS

Advanced CSS


This course is aimed at Web designers, Web developers, Web usability and accessibility consultants.


  • Appreciation of basic CSS syntax (attending our one-day Basic CSS course would be ideal).
  • The ability to code syntactically correct (i.e. valid) HTML/XHTML.
  • The ability to distinguish semantic markup from a machine-coded pile of div's, span's and table's.


1 day. Hands on.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

This CSS course aims to enable experienced web designers to tackle and overcome the tricky problems which can make advanced CSS techniques difficult to implement in a cost-effective manner.

Delegates will learn to diagnose, resolve and work around the most common problems, bugs, and browser incompatibilities encountered in advanced CSS web design. Expert instruction on these challenges is accompanied by best practice advice on how to create elegant, managable and affordable CSS in timely fashion.

Course Content

Introduction to Advanced CSS.
Advanced CSS: Browser Modes and Browser Detection.
Advanced CSS Box Models.
Advanced CSS Float Models.
Automatic Box Sizing in Advanced CSS.
Advanced CSS Positioning and Offsets.
Common Browser Bugs and Common CSS Problems.

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