C# 6 Development

C# 6 Development


This course is for all developers requiring the skills to develop applications in Microsoft's C# 6 language.


  • At least 6 months programming experience
  • Familiarity with OO concepts would be an advantage


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

C# 6 is new in Visual Studio 2015, and is the latest evolution of Microsoft's primary programming language. This course covers the latest language features in C# 6 and the .NET 2015 platform. You'll get a deep and broad understanding of C# as a programming language, and gain confidence to explore the richness of the .NET Framework library including asynchronous programming, LINQ, and EF.

What you'll learn...

  • Essential C# syntax
  • Implementing object-oriented designs in C#
  • Using generics, collection classes, and exceptions
  • What's new in C# 6 and .NET 2015
  • Using LINQ and EF
  • Introduction to asynchronous programming
  • Overview of MVC6

Course Content

Introduction to C# and .NET
.NET Framework building blocks
Hello world in C#
Using Visual Studio 2015
Namespaces and assemblies

Core C# Programming Constructs
Variables, operators, and statements
Reference types vs. value types
Nullable types
Using the Console and String classes
Using implicit types

More C# Programming Constructs
Defining methods
Input, output, and optional parameters
Method overloading

Defining and Using Classes
Defining classes
Defining constructors and finalizers
Defining properties
Creating and disposing objects
Defining constants and read-only fields
Static members
Partial classes/methods

Inheritance and Polymorphism
Defining base classes and derived classes
Overriding methods
Abstract classes

Exception Handling
Defining Try/Catch/Finally blocks
Throwing exceptions
Defining new exception classes
Defining Using blocks

Creating Collections of Objects
Overview of generics
Using List collections
Using Dictionary collections

What's New in C# 6
Static using syntax
Auto-property initializers
Dictionary initializers
Exception filters
String interpolation

Delegates, Events, and Lambdas
Defining simple delegates
Defining and handling events
Using lambda expressions

Additional Language Features
Operator overloading
Extension methods
Object initializers
Anonymous types

Introduction to LINQ
The role of LINQ
Simple LINQ query expressions
Using LINQ with collections
LINQ query operators

Using the Entity Framework
EF classes and DbContext
Implementing relationships
Managing data
Additional techniques

Introduction to Asynchronous Programming
Understanding the async and await keywords
Implementing asynchronous code

Overview of MVC6
Creating an ASP.NET MVC application
Defining models, views, and controllers
Introduction to REST and Web API

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