Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes and Containers

Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes and Containers


Developers, architects and administrators who wish to containerize software applications or anyone who is considering using container technology and Red Hat OpenShift.



Delegates must be familiar with Linux and its commands. They should also have shell scripting experience and web application architecture.



This three day course provides attendees with the knowledge to manage containers through hands-on experience with containers, Kubernetes, and the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.



3 days,  Hands on.


Course Contents

Overview of Container Technology

Containerized Applications

Overview of Container Architecture

Introducing Container History

Describing Linux Container Architecture

Managing Containers with Podman

Overview of Kubernetes and OpenShift

Limitations of Containers

Kubernetes Overview

Kubernetes Features

OpenShift Overview

OpenShift Features


Creating Containerized Services

Provisioning Containerized Services

Fetching Container Images with Podman

Running Containers

Using the Red Hat Container Catalog

Lab:  Creating a MySQL Database Instance


Managing Containers

Managing the Life Cycle of Containers

Container Life Cycle Management with Podman

Creating Containers

Running Commands in a Container

Managing Containers

Lab: Managing a MySQL Container

Attaching Persistent Storage to Containers

Preparing Permanent Storage Locations

Introducing Networking with Containers

Mapping Network Ports

Lab: Loading the Database


Managing Container Images

Public and Private Registries

Configuring Registries in Podman

Accessing Registries

Quiz: Working With Registries

Manipulating Container Images

Saving and Loading Images

Deleting and modifying Images

Best Practices for Tagging Images

Publishing Images to a Registry

Lab: Creating a Custom Apache Container Image


Creating Custom Container Images

Building Custom Container Images with Dockerfiles

Building Base Containers

Layering Image

Building Images with Podman



Lab: Creating a Basic Apache Container Image


Deploying Containerized Applications on OpenShift

Describing Kubernetes and OpenShift Architecture

Kubernetes and OpenShift

Describing Kubernetes Resource Types

OpenShift Resource Types


Lab: Deploying a Database Server on OpenShift

Lab: Exposing a Service as a Route

Creating Applications with Source-to-Image

The Source-to-Image (S2I) Process

Describing Image Streams

Building an Application with S2I and the CLI

Lab: Creating a Containerized Application with Source-to-Image

Creating Applications with the OpenShift Web Console

Accessing the OpenShift Web Console

Creating New Applications

Other Web Console Features


Deploying Multi-Container Applications

Leveraging Multi-Container Applications

Discovering Services in a Multi-Container Application