IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS 6.1 Fundamentals, Automation, REXX, PIPEs - TZ243G

IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS 6.1 Fundamentals, Automation, REXX, PIPEs - TZ243G


This intermediate-level course is for:

  • Administrators who are new to NetView for z/OS
  • Administrators who are moving to version 6.1 from a previous version.


Students must be familiar with networking concepts and practices and the techniques for monitoring a complex environment.

Familiarity with previous versions of NetView is helpful, but not required.


5 days.

Course Objectives

IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS offers an extensive set of tools for managing and maintaining complex, multivendor, multiplatform networks and systems from a single point of control.

The NetView for z/OS curriculum consists of:

This course combines the content from all four of these courses, thus providing comprehensive training for Tivoli NetView for z/OS version 6.1. It covers basic concepts, components, user interfaces, automation facilities, REXX, and PIPEs. Instructor-led discussions are reinforced with practical, hands-on lab exercises.

  • Describe the NetView key components and tasks
  • Describe key functions
  • Navigate these user interfaces: 3270 and TEP
  • Use NetView commands
  • Explain these user interfaces: NMC and web application
  • Customize by using CNMSTYLE, style sheets, and reporting
  • Explain basic IP management functions and System z networking
  • Identify the data that is integrated from OMEGAMON XE products
  • Identify event types that can be processed and the way that they arrive in NetView for z/OS
  • Identify what actions are possible and where they can be routed
  • Describe the functions provided by the message processing facility (MPF), the message revision table (MRT), and the command revision table (CRT)
  • Implement Automation Table statements to automate messages
  • Structure the Automation Table
  • Manage the Automation Table
  • Describe how to improve the efficiency of an Automation Table
  • Use NetView timers to proactively monitor resources
  • Describe the basics of REXX EXECs in NetView
  • Write NetView REXX EXECS
  • Issue commands
  • Trap and parse messages
  • Set and retrieve global variables
  • Perform automation
  • Describe the basics of NetView for z/OS PIPEs
  • Write code for NetView PIPEs with REXX EXECS

Course Content

NetView for z/OS Fundamentals
NetView for z/OS overview
NetView packaging and installation
NetView structure and components
The 3270 interface
Customizing NetView using CNMSTYLE
NetView administration
IP management
NetView Web Services Gateway
NetView Management Console (NMC) interface
NetView Enterprise Management Agent
Tivoli Enterprise Portal
NetView product integration with IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE products
Tivoli Enterprise Portal security

NetView Automation
Message Automation topics
NetView commands to facilitate automation
Managing the NetView Automation Table
NetView Automation Table coding

Introduction to REXX
Miscellaneous topics
Process Message in REXX
Problem analysis
Additional topics

Overview of NetView pipelines
PIPE stages
Access files With PIPEs
Pipelines and variables
Manipulate text in a pipeline
Process pipeline data
Advanced topics

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