Data Architectural Principles

Data Architectural Principles


This course is for designed for data architects or, indeed, anyone wanting to increase the benefits derived from appropriate data usage in their organisation. It does this by providing principles and models that are appropriate to use within any framework, or even the absence of one.

Examples of roles that the course is aimed at include:

  • Data Modellers.
  • Business Analysts.
  • Project Managers.
  • IT Managers.
  • IT Developers.


Delegates will need to have several years of experience working with Data either directly in IT or liaising with the IT function of an organisation. Those with some knowledge of Data Modelling will also gain more from the course, although the mechanics of Data Model creation is not essential prerequisite.

Attendance on our Data Modelling and Database Design or equivalent knowledge would be ideal.


2 days. Instructor led classes are supported by hands on practical exercises.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to be practical and contains many tips and suggestions as well as examples that can be used as the basis for the student's own Data Architectural definitions.

The breadth of the course covers contemporary themes for Data Architecture and the modules include; Data Modelling, Enterprise Data Models, Data Governance, Master Data Management and Big Data.

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the ways that Data Architecture can yield benefit to an organisation specifically by:
    • Deriving more benefit for less effort
    • Integrating silos of data
    • Using Data Architecture to drive agility
    • Defining and managing Reference/Master Data effectively
    • Improving communication throughout an organisation
    • Integrating Big Data into the organisation’s usage
  • Create frameworks for:
    • Enterprise Data Models
    • Data Governance
    • Master Data Management
    • Data Quality integration

Course Content

Data and Organisations
What Is Data?
The ‘Do We Care?’ Test.
Function versus Process.
Organisation Self Awareness.
Aligning Organisations’ Operations.
Controlling an Organisation’s Future.

Data Modelling
Data Model as a Communication Tool.
Data Model Longevity.
Data Model Accuracy.
Data Model Completeness.
Typey Type Type Data Modelling.
Quality Assuring Data Models.

Enterprise Data Models
Benefits from Enterprise Data Models.
Conceptual Data Models.
Logical Data Models.
Physical Data Models.
Canonical Models.
Data Model Interrelationships.
Data Dictionaries.
Enterprise Data Lexicon.

Data Governance Framework
Defining the Data Governance Framework.
Data Governance Framework Goals.
Data Governance Maturity.
Data Governance Evolution.
Data Governance Framework Definition.
Data Governance Authority.
Data Management Team.
Implementation Team Stakeholders.
Data Governance and Data Management.

Master Data Management
What is Master Data Management?
Master Data Management Tools.

Agility Through Data Architecture
Discrete Component Paradigm.
Discrete Systems as Components.
Discrete System Interface Design.
Boundaries and Data Architects.
Architectural Design Patterns Driving Convergence.
Architectural Patterns versus Tactical Solutions.

Declarative Development
Declarative Development versus Developers.
Declarative Approach.
Generated Infrastructure.
Behavioural Meta Data Approach.

Big Data
What is Big Data?
Big Data’s Big Bang.
Harvesting Big Data.
Big Data Feedback Loops.
Conforming Meaning.
Big Data Adoption Impact.

Blueprint for a Data Architect
Data Architecture Skills.
Personality Profile.
Appendix A. Declarative Development Case Study.
The ‘Specification’.
The Solution.

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