SharePoint 2016 Server Administrator

SharePoint 2016 Server Administrator


This course is aimed at experienced IT professionals who have previous experience of server administration. Previous SharePoint experience is not required but if in place will help the learner achieve more from the course. However the trainer is aware of the diversity of locations and situations in which SharePoint may need to operate and throughout the course the trainer will be advising on good practise and relating to previous experiences.

NOTE: This course is also available for SharePoint 2010: SharePoint 2010 for Administrators.


Delegates should have previous experience of server administration. Previous SharePoint experience is not required but if in place will help the learner achieve more from the course. Attending our SharePoint for End Users course or SharePoint for Power Users course will enable them to get the most out of this SharePoint administration course.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This five day course covers the tasks a Server Administrator needs to install SharePoint 2016, configure SharePoint 2016 and maintain the product health. All of the software skills around SharePoint will also be included in the course. Governance. Strategy, Project management etc.

On course completion delegates will be able to:

  • Install SharePoint 2016 on different server setups
  • Configure SharePoint using the central administration interface
  • Manage site performance using best practice architecture
  • Troubleshoot any issues
  • Create a disaster recovery plan
  • Devise a patching strategy

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction to SharePoint 2016
What is SharePoint?
Architectural overview

Module 2 - Planning
Architecture and capacity planning
Hardware requirements
Server planning/virtualisation
Topology design for multiple languages
Toplology design for connectivity
Design for security

Module 3 - Managing Boundaries
Recycle Bin

Module 4 - Preparing for Installation
Installing SharePoint 2016
Expanding the farm
Where to place services and why
Web applications
Site Collections

Module 5 - Service Applications
Understanding service applications
Connection architecture across farms
Service application admin
Multi-tenancy - on premise
Multi-tenancy - in the cloud

Module 6 - Upgrading SharePoint
Upgrading from previous version of SharePoint

Module 7 - Authentication
Claims Based Authentication

Module 8 - PowerShell
PowerShell Overview
Administering SharePoint with PowerShell
Sample Scripts

Module 9 - Backup and Load Balancing
SharePoint High availability backups
Disaster Recovery
High Availability Configuration
Load Balancing

Module 10 - Search
Configuring search
Administering search
Search health check

Module 11 - Administration Tasks
Miscellaneous admin tasks
Log monitoring

Module 12 - Working with SharePoint
Social aspects of SharePoint

Module 13 - Content Management
Taxonomy and metadata
Content Types

Module 14 - Interface Development
User interface development
SharePoint Designer Development
Visual Studio Development

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