Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Concepts, Design, and Implementation

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Concepts, Design, and Implementation


This course is designed for enterprise architects, application architects, or systems architects tasked with designing SOA solutions.

The course will include numerous practical examples and project references, so project managers, program managers, and senior IT executives involved in delivering or supporting business process transformation projects can also benefit from this class.


Delegates should have several years of IT experience, as well as some experience in distributed component analysis and design or some experience in distributed systems support and delivery.


4 days.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

There is a lot of confusion and hype around SOA. Is SOA “Web Services”? Is it ESB? Is it just for large enterprises? My vendor is telling me I need to buy their BPM tooling. How does SOA relate to BPM? Maybe I'm not ready for this. OK, I get it, but how/where do I start? This course covers Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts, solution scenarios and business value assessment, adoption approach, planning, technology landscape, and techniques around design and implementation.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define SOA goals, concepts, architectural elements and components.
  • Understand business value assessment/justification for SOA investment.
  • Gain best practices and practical examples (i.e. why some SOA projects fail).
  • Understand SOA solution scenarios.
  • Understand overall approach to SOA adoption.
  • Understand aspects of SOA readiness assessment.
  • Explain different approaches to SOA analysis.
  • Apply practical techniques to service analysis and design.
  • Assess requirements for SOA technology infrastructure.
  • Assess and plan for SOA governance.
  • Understand the SOA standards landscape.
  • Review examples of SOA reference architecture, SOA tooling and vendor landscape SOA industry trends.

Course Content

What is enterprise architecture?
Fundamentals of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Motivations and benefits.
SOA maturity and adoption model.
SOA solution patterns.
SOA project planning.

SOA Analysis Approach

Business Process Analysis
Introduction to business process analysis.
Process design patterns.
Business Process Management.
BPM standards.

Service Analysis & Design
SOA design principles.
Service analysis and design approach.
Service hierarchy and categories.
Service composition/aggregation.
Non-functional requirements.
Service catalog.

SOA Governance
What is SOA governance?
Service lifecycle management.
Organizational assessment, roles, and responsibilities.
SOA governance planning and implementation approach.
Guidelines and best practices on SOA governance.

SOA Technical Infrastructure and Implementation
SOA Reference Models.
Web Services.
Business Process Execution Language (BPEL).
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
Service Registry and Repository.
SOA Security.
SOA Service management.
SOA tooling and vendor selection.

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