Service Oriented Architecture for z/OS

Service Oriented Architecture for z/OS


IT managers, Architects and planners responsible for software design, implementation and deployment in the z/OS environment.


The attendees should have a good understanding of the z/OS application environment and development facilities.


2 days.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

In this course the students will learn:

  • SOA Fundamentals.
  • What Service Oriented Architecture is.
  • How the business can benefit from SOA infrastructure.
  • Who needs SOA.
  • Leading SOA vendors and their offerings.
  • What IBM has done to include the z/OS platform in the SOA model The SOA development methodology (SOAD).
  • How to use the SOAD in z/OS environment for new applications.
  • How to integrate legacy applications using SOA (CICS, DB2, IMS and Batch).
  • Best practices.

Course Content

SOA Fundamentals

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Advantages of SOA

Software Platform for SOA
SOA Development Iteration.
Types of Software Needed to Support SOA.
Oracle SOA Suite.
IBM Software Offering.
IBM WebSphere Process Server.
IBM IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools.
TIBCO BusinessWorks.
TIBCO SmartMapper.
webMethods Fabric.
webMethods: Enterprise Service Platform (ESP).
webMethods: Business Process Management (BPM).
webMethods: Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).
webMethods: Composite Application Development.
WebLogic Integration.
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006.
Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

J2EE and WebSphere Overview

Justifying SOA on z/OS
Why SOA on z/OS?
Development Resource Pool.
Services and mainframe transactions.
Three key objectives for SOA on System z.
Web to 3270 Access Mapping.
Enabling Mainframe Resources for SOA.
Enabling Mainframe Application for SOA.
Three Styles of Application Transformation.
Three Development Approaches.
zSeries Developer s Roadmap for SOA.

Enabling Legacy Systems
SOA Enabled IBM Transactional Runtimes.
Web Services and CICS/TS.
Web Services and IMS V9.
Web Services and DB/2 - WORF.
DB2 - Web Service Provider / Consumer.
SOA on z/OS Development Tools.
SOA on z/OS WDz XSE.
WDz Service Flow Modeler.
SOA on z/OS Compiler support.
Enabling z/OS for SOA - Summary.

WebSphere Application Server V6

WebSphere MQ - Introduction

Enabling CICS/TS Applications

Enabling DB2 Applications and Data

Enabling IMS Applications and Data

SOA for z/OS - Summary

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