Introduction to Firewalls

Introduction to Firewalls


This course is perfect for anyone who needs to know and understand the workings of firewall technology, from a security or audit standpoint. Delegates from one of the following business areas will find the course very useful:

  • IT systems implementer wishing to protect vulnerable systems.
  • IT manager wishing to understand why the purchase of firewalling is necessary and what is involved.
  • Senior user or system owner wishing to understand ways of mitigating risk.
  • Network analyst looking to understand options for firewall protection.
  • Computer auditors and computer audit planners.
  • Computer security specialists.
  • Business risk analysts.


Delegates should have a reasonable knowledge of IT in general.

Attendees should feel comfortable investigating system settings through a Windows GUI interface, as well as entering line commands in console environments. Some investigations may be carried out on a UNIX platform. The course has technical content, but focuses on breadth, rather than depth in one specific area.


3 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This course will enable delegates to understand the workings of firewall technology, from a security or audit standpoint. The IT technical components will be explained in context, allowing delegates to see how the various elements work together.

Course Content

What are we protecting ourselves against?
Which persons are the threat?
What do we have that anyone would wish to violate?

Communications Protocols Used on the Internet
TCP/IP mechanism.
Ports and services.
Network services.
Intruder techniques.
Port scanning and detection.
TCP/IP based threats.

Harvesting Information
What intruders are looking for.
Tools of the trade.
Attack signatures.

Introducing Encryption
Business objectives.
Types of encryption.
Virtual private networks.

Traffic Control
Application level filtering and proxy services.

System Security Checks
Top IT-based vulnerabilities.

Optional Topics
Checkpoint firewall audit.
Firewall audit (general).

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